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We supply an extensive range of fibre optic sensors and sample interfaces, which can operate with light source/detector modules, emitter /receiver modules, as the remote link between sample and spectrometer, colorimeter, fluorimeter, microscope, or Raman spectrometer. Systems can be computer controlled and can be multi-channel locating several sensing sites simultaneously. The operational wavelength range extends from 200nm in the UV through to the Mid IR. Materials include silica, quartz, plastics [e.g. PMMA] and glasses. We also provide sensors using liquid light guides and air pass capillaries, where this provides a performance benefit.

Some groupings include:

Robust Sensors for Chemical Process and Environmental Monitoring.
General Sensors for Process Quality Assurance and Automation.
Sensors for Laboratory Research and Auto analysis.
Smart sensors for bio photonics and medical research.;
Dedicated and Specialised Sensors.
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Fibre Optic Sensors are very effective for Remote, Difficult, Inaccessible Locations and Outsize Samples.

Examples include:

Radioactive areas.
Biotechnology fermentors.
High voltage areas.
Explosive and dangerous areas.
Biological hazard stations.
In marine, river and reservoir locations.
Pipelines, vessels, tanks and bottles.
Safety monitoring areas.
Large samples.
Low or high temperature areas.
In vacuum.
Long probes for rivers, reservoirs and large containers.
Large surface quality control.

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Sensor Groups

Sensors are broadly grouped optically as follows:

Extrinsic Types:
[Light leaves the probe and returns from the sample back into the probe]. These are used for spectroscopic evaluations, such as, absorption, fluorescence, Raman, scatter, turbidity, colour etc.

Intrinsic Types:
for Analytical parameters
[Light is returned internally from within the fiber optic probe by a coating, immobilised reagent, sol-gel; active hologram, which in turn are reacting to an external chemical or physical parameter]. Examples of these sensors include those for; oxygen, pH, temperature measurement.

for Physical Parameters:
For Pressure, strain, temperature and other Physical Parameters light passing along SINGLE MODE Fibres is analysed e.g Bragg Grating Technology.

Radiometric Types:
Suitable for measurement of light level, Ultra-violet hazard, bioluminescence etc. Many of these sensors are calibrated to International Standards.

Logic, Image and Stereo Sensors:
These are often used in physical identification of products and control of quality. As an example this type of sensor can be used with spectroscopic sensors for measurement at a specific location within the captured image. LOGIC and STEREO Sensors are useful in ROBOTICS.



Steroscopic image probe with spectral reflection sensor.  

Systems for Multichannel Analytical Sensing

Multi channel system for Spectral Sensing. Up to 8 channels are typically used. System is designed for up to 127 channels.   16 Sensor Channel Multiplexer.   High light transfer multiplexer.Operates down to 320nm, and is suitable for fluorescence excitation.
Industrial Multiplexers. In this example switches 16-channels from thin film transmission to reflectance online and has optical referencing with standards.   2 channel TTL shutter for Opening and closing fibre channels. Hardware or Software commanded.   Manual Multiplexers. In this example two channels are switched together between measurement probe and reference analytical probes.

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