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Optical and Spectroscopic Instrumentation
for Interfacing with
Microfluidics and LAB-on-CHIP

Sensors integrated into the Microfluidic CHIP use:

  • Active spectral holography
  • Fluorescence
  • Colour
  • Spectral Reflectance
  • Micro-volume absorption

Instrumentation, components and services include:

  • Complete integrated microfluidics spectrometers
  • Independent sample compartments with casette loading of micro -fluidics chips providing connection to external fibre optic light sources and spectrometers
  • Dedicated and oem portable chip analytical readers
  • Industrial and environmental lab-on-chip optical modules
  • Micro fibre optics and intrinsic or extrinsic sensing
  • OEM microfluidics chip design microfluidics test station with digital imaging microscope
  • Programmable syringe pumps, and microfluidic interconnection clipholders

50 x 75 mm hologram chip is a removable casette

Lab-on-Chip array spectrometer for UV-Visible-NIR- Spectral Analysis, Fluorescence and Colour

Standard Chip - Micromixer

The chip consists of two inlets for input fluid compounds, one outlet mixing product, and a cascaded mixing chamber.


Mounting for 75 x 25 mm Microscope size chips

Standard Chip - Micromixer

The chip consists of two fluid inlets, one fluid outlet, and a serpentine channel as a reaction chamber. The flow of the delay length can be 100mm or 500mm

Standard Chip - H Filter

The chip offers continuous extraction and separation of analytes through mass diffusion. The length of the separation channel varies with the chip format

Mounting for 75 x 50 mm hologram chips

Microfluidics CHIP sample compartments for Fibre Optic Connection.

These compartments provide optical measurement geometries and Microfluidics Chip Cartridge insertion, for use with most fibre optic spectrometers. Connection to the spectrometer and light source is via fibre optics, so that existing instrumentation can be used or new items can be purchased.

CHIP-SC-650-H Microfluidics optical sample compartment using Hologram chip method
CHIP-SC-650-F Microfluidics optical sample compartment using Fluorescence chip method
CHIP-SC-650-D Microfluidics optical sample compartment using Direct chip flow line method

These compartments come complete with two 500 mm long 600um core diameter silica fibre optics, to connect with light sources and spectrometers.

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