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New Sensor for Reflection Spectra and Microscopic Imaging for complex surfaces

The sensor heads include Micro Fibre optic spectral reflection sensors and microscopic imaging aligned together. The captured image shows where the spectral measurement is being made on complex or patterned surfaces; examples include birds, lizards ,rocks, skin deformations, oceanographic specimens etc.

The sensor head can be used as a hand held device or mounted onto a convenient stand [as illustrated].

The spectral probe tip is only 1.5 mm diameter and operates close in, to the sample capturing "pixel" information. The microscope camera with LED light source provides an image of the surface and the measuring probe so that the location of the measurement and spectra can be recorded together. Image magnification is up to x 140 with adjustment on the sensor head and captures visible range images. Non standard devices can cover the UV and NIR. Measurements are possible from the low Ultraviolet up to 2.5 microns in the NIR when the sensor is connected to miniature spectrometers.


More information on Spectrometers,

Inspection and Endoscope Equipment

Spectral fluorescence, Raman, reflectance and absorption measurements

  An easy way to adapt your microscope for spectroscopy


Microscope focal plane adapter for spectroscopy. This SMA fibre optic linked adapter introduces light to and collects light from the sample. The device Is mounted on the camera ocular or other ocular of a microscope, and can be focal adjusted to optimise focal resolution in relation to the microscopes focal plane. Fibre optics include six 200 micron diameter silica fibres for illumination and one for detection or one 400 micron fibre each for illumination and detection.


Microscope ocular adapter for radiometric, fluorescence and phosphorescence measurements. This uses an SMA fibre optic to link to Spectrometers or radiometers. This uses the microscope light source for measurements and is also suitable for electron microscopes for luminescence stimulated by electrons.
- xx specifies microscope. 


We provide a full range of:


Examples are given below. Please contact us to discuss your inspection application.

Stereo endoscope

Designed for 3D stereo imaging.

In one application the depth distance and size of particles in a flow line were being measured and quantified.

Rigid or Flexible Endoscopes

We supply a full range of industrial endoscopes for visual or camera inspection, together with light sources. These are also provided as portable kits with rechargeable battery packs. simultaneous detection by spectral analysis is available. Please contact us to discuss your.

We Supply IMAGING FIBER OPTICS for full images, Logic pattern images, and also image transforms.



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