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Multi-Channel Thin Film Monitor for measurement on web line Heavy Duty IN LINE Optical Probe for Opaque Liquids 50 mm path length  Fibre Optic Flow cell for In Line Spectral Analysis Very Long Path length In Line Flow cell, showing fibre optic alignment Coupling
19” RACK  Probe Park Module for Standardisation MULTIPLEXER  For MULTICHANNEL IN LINE PROBES with modules for Optical Reference Standardisation "WALLSENS" ©
Wall or Rack Mount Spectral sensor and control electronics

Measurement capabilities include:

  • Transmission, and Absorbance. Includes both high and very low absorbance.
  • Colour, Reflectance, Gloss. Includes measurement of solids and liquids: multi-angular reflectance measurements.
  • Fluorescence and Phosphorescence decay.
  • Film Thickness and IN VACUUM optical measurement.
  • Particle scatter, Turbidity. Multi-angular measurement for on line or quality laboratory use.

Instrumentation includes:

  • Spectrometer, optical sensor and sample geometry modules for suite mounting.
  • Industrial Macro and pilot size Flow cells.
  • Industrial optical probes for pipe line insertion and measurement.
  • Standard and Micro size fibre optic probes for off line, pilot and laboratory use.
  • Goniometric multi-angle measurement instruments for colour, gloss, and surface texture.
  • Portable optical and spectroscopic instrumentation for spot location measurement.
  • Optical Multiplexers for multi-channel measurements and on line referencing or standardisation.
  • Analysis Software, communications links, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, USB, RS232 and more.
  • Modules for process control application.
  • Bespoke Solutions.

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